What is lifestyle Photography? | North York Lifestyle newborn and family photographer | Bloomlight Photography

If you are looking for a professional photographer, and you are already here reading this blog post, chances are you see the word "lifestyle" on the other pages. What does lifestyle apply to really? As you may already guess, lifestyle photo sessions are more focused on real life. Let me go a bit more in depth!

We are all familiar with studio photography where portrait images are done by a professional photographer in an controlled indoor environment. Everything is set up and organized, including decor, backdrop, and sometimes artificial lighting equipments. Here are some of the photo examples of the previous sessions in my home studio using natural light and Christmas decorations. 


In contrast, a lifestyle session take place on location, and better to say in a place that your real life happens: your home, your backyard, or a park where you may go with your family and children. Think about activities you do in one fun day at home, for example,  baking in the kitchen with your children, playing in your backyard or at a park, walking at the beach in summer time, or snuggle and laugh on your bed or while you are sitting on the couch in your living room. I am pretty sure you can think about even more of these moments.Yes, these, all can be captured by a professional lifestyle and documentary  photographer.

What is the exact difference between these two?

For me, Documentary is all real, and photographer does not have any control whatsoever. However, a lifestyle photographer can guide her clients about the outfits, and can choose where to photograph to get a better light, however the emotions, connections and relationship between the subjects are all real.  lifestyle photography is partially controlled so that capturing the beautiful moments of life memorabiable for you and your family for years to come.

On the next blog, I will give you information of how to prepare for your lifestyle photo sessions. 

Here are some images of lifestyle sessions I photographed.