Top 3 Websites for First-Time Moms | Toronto Maternity and Motherhood Photographer | Bloomlight Photography

Since I noticed I am pregnant, the joy and excitement is unbelievable in every steps, days and months of this journey. My husband and I had planned for the baby, but among all those enjoyments, there are lots of stress and unanswered questions that we have to find out every day and during these 9 months as we are expecting our first baby and don’t have any previous experience.

Questions about finding OB, how to have a safe and healthy pregnancy, shopping for baby and nursery, how to find pediatricians, maternity outfits, baby shower, day care, and many many more. There are tons of websites, applications and free information that a pregnant mom can use and google every day, but I wanted to have access to few reliable sources only that don’t overwhelm me and give me just enough information in a limited time every day.

I found three websites listed from below that each has features that I like. They have some differences so I find them complement to each other; and only focusing on these 3 websites save my time every day on surfing internet for finding my questions.

  1. The Bump

    I love this one a lot. You can check the website on your desktop and even more cooler is the phone app is also available for you so you can read online whenever you have spare time. The application suggest you the articles and subjects you might be interested in the week of pregnancy that you are currently on. Articles are not too long to read and good photos used for each article makes it more enjoyable to read.

  2. Baby Center

What I love about Baby Center is the community you can get in touch with. Since I reside in Canada, I registered in Baby Center Canada; You can register in the website that covers your country, since this is an international website. From there, you can join as many groups that might interest you. For example, I found “ First time moms” and “ Toronto moms “ groups helpful for me. There are lots of mamas similar to yourself in each group that you can share your ideas, ask questions…

The other feature that I like about Baby Center is you can join there anonymous which makes it private and safe.

3. Online Prenatal Program

Toronto Public Health offers free online prenatal classes for both new mom to be and her partner. The program walks you through every steps of pregnancy and all you need to know about pregnancy, and birth in Toronto.

What I like about this program is both you and your partner can get a access code to the program so both of you can go through info on your own pace. This online prenatal class is available for locals and residents of Toronto and GTA.

Simply click on the link below and request to get the access registration code by filling out a form. Your registration will be done in less than 48 hours, and you will receive a confirmation email with two access codes.

If you also have a website or application that you might think it is helpful for a pregnant mamma, feel free to add it in the comment section.

By the way, If you are expecting and would like to plan your maternity or newborn photo session with me, I would be very happy to chat with you about your ideal session.