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Today, I would like to mention some details about your in-home newborn lifestyle session. This will give you some ideas about your session as well as how to prepare for the session.

 Small place, not enough light, Clutters!

These are 3 main concerns of lots of parents when they are planning for their home newborn photography.

I spoke with lots of moms that think their home is too small for lifestyle newborn photography, and I have to tell you although more space may be is a bit easier to work in for me, but please don’t hold off your photo session for this only. The truth is as a young parent, you most probably live in a small Condo/ apartment or small house in our metropolitan city, Toronto. I sometimes visit families in their big home space, and at the end, one little corner in front of a small window will catch my eye for creating a beautiful photograph.

As most of you know, light is an important factor in photography and that’s why I schedule all the in-home family and newborn photo sessions during day time, but sometimes little light can create some dramatic and artistic photos.

Don’t worry about if there are clutters around or if your home is disorganized. You have newborn and or other children at home, so I don’t expect to enter a very organized home. If I find a place at your home that is ideal for pictures, we will move everything around it to make that spot nice. It is that easy! 

Plan your outfits ahead of time

During the phone consult or in-person consult which would be scheduled before your photo session, I will guide you through the outfit choices: How to choose colors, how to choose what to wear for the whole family. I would also recommend emailing me the pictures of your outfit choices before the actual photo session so we all would be sure your choices are the best for the day.

Basically, try to wear comfortable considering that your session will be in your home. Also choose your outfits to show your personality. If you (mom) are comfortable with dress, then go for it, if not, there is nothing wrong with a nice top and pants.

If we have planned for nursery photos as well, I suggest mom to dress comfortably so breastfeeding can be easy while I capture photos of the beautiful motherhood moments.

About the colors, the safest way is to choose neutral colors. You can also add one or two colors of your choice to neutral colors to make the pictures even more interesting.

For your newborn, I suggest to have a swaddle and at least two outfits ready. Swaddle can be one, you have purchased before,either plain or with patterns; onesie and may be another outfit of your choice. The newborn outfits with button on the fronts are the best so that you can change it more easily as needed.

Choosing where to take your family and newborn photos

When I arrive at your home, I will ask you to tour me around your home and those rooms that you think it is the best for pictures. We usually choose 2-3 areas of your home for your session, such as nursery, one bedroom, and living room.

If you have a nursery is great, but if you don’t, don’t stress out yourself, there are lots of sweet spots in your home that we can still work in. The couch in living room or the bed in your master bedroom is perfect for family cuddle photos. As you see in the below images, I chose the dining table for sweet documentary family photos.

As I work with natural light, we will schedule your session during the day time, usually anytime in the morning till early afternoon. So any room with a window would work for your photos.

How to manage your photo session with a toddler

If your newborn is not your first baby, you most probably have a toddler or an older child (ren) at home. If this is the case, I capture some sweet sibling’s photos as well. However, you might think your older child won’t be stay still for photos and might stress you out, but let me tell you that this is nothing to be worried about.

Firstly, I have to say that your babies are the leaders of the in-home newborn and family photo session. We try to work at their pace. Your babies are not supposed to stay still in the in-home lifestyle session because my goal is to capture all the chaos and beauty in your family which is totally meaningful as it shows your children’s personality. Here are some tips parents to ease the photo session:

  • Have some colorful finger foods ready for your kid such as berries or a cupcake…

  • Play with your children like you do always. Pillow throwing, cuddle and kisses

  • Involve your kids in the activities they enjoy usually. Such as reading a book

  • Make sure to plan the session at your child’s most convenient time of the day

  • Let your kids wear what they love

The newborn/family photo shoot usually takes 60-90 minutes and since the goal is to capture real, natural, candid photos of your family, is perfect if you plan your daily or favourite family activities in your session. These authentic moments add even more stories to your family picture and these are the photos that you would like to look over and over again for future years with your children.

Brief talk about your photo product choices

Usually at the end of your photo session, we will briefly talk about your wall choices for your wall Arts to be displayed if this is your choice for your products. Meeting you at your home for your session will help me to know your taste better so that I can help you with the frames and the type of wall Art that matches your home design the best.


This is also a good time to see the product samples that I can offer to you. I always come to your home with the samples such as Album, Wall Display, Loose prints… so you can touch them and see them closely.

Are you pregnant and planning for your planning for your newborn session? Please get in touch so we can plan your session together.

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