How to organize your newborn dresser? | Toronto in-home Newborn Photographer | Bloomlight Photography

As a newborn lifestyle photographer, baby’s nursery is always a must place to be photographed. I love to see how my clients have organized and set their baby’s nursery. Different colors, designs and decor. who does not like to see mom’s creation for their little babies? On the other hand, an important factor in each nursery is how to organize everything, so I am gonna share how I organize my newborn’s dresser on this blog.

Motherhood life brought me super busy schedule so far, even more than before, but at the same time, something really good happened. Just like other moms, now I desire to be more organized . This is when the nesting instinct have risen inside me. Then I start to think about my baby’s nursery and how I can make it neat that last for years. At the same time, I wanted to save time by having everything tidy and nice.

I looked for a simple, easy, not expensive way and I found these storage cases in different sizes from IKEA. They are fabric and so easy to be cleaned with baby wipes. They are available in two colors of black and white and each pack of 6 only cost less than $10. I use these cases inside each drawer of baby’s dresser and simply put my newborn’s outfits there.

Here how I organized each drawer:

The top drawers:

Whatever I thought I need the most I put in the very top drawer. Diapers, Wipes, Diaper Rash cream, baby moisturizer lotion, comb, nail clipper, nose aspirator, pacifiers, thermometer, Tylenol.

The second drawer:

I put all the outfits here. One box for light outfits for summer and one box for warmer outfits. As my baby was born in summer, this also help me to know which outfits I have to use for the first 2 months.

I also use this drawer for accessories like hat, headband, sucks, mitten, and small face towels.

The third drawer:

Bath towels, swaddle wraps, blankets and crib sheets are all here.

The bottom drawer:

I put all the extra stuff here. Those that I might not need as often and urgent, such as some toys, stroller rain cover…

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