Holiday Cards: From Easy Design to Print | Family and Baby Photographer in Toronto | Bloomlight Photography

Do you feel awesome when you get a gift in your mailbox? I do too, and I also love to gift my family and friends whenever it is a good reason like Christmas. I think one of the best holidays gift is Christmas card.

If you are like me, you most probably want to design your Christmas card yourself.  Then, you may want to try Canva for easy and beautiful free design options. Find lots of pre-designed and customizable templates or start from scratch. You can also add your own family photo to the card to make it personalized and unique. It may need only 15 minutes to design your card. Below is a card I designed from this year Holiday photo minis.


I know lots of you lovely moms who like to order your cards and order it for print at the same time. These are my suggestions for you if you raised your hand ;)

If you are looking for a Local photo print shop, Pikto located in North York, Toronto is my first suggestion. They offer a few designs for holiday cards. Not too many options so you can easily choose without any confusion. I like their designs because they are simple and classic.

You can pick up your order in person or choose the shipping option. I know Canada post is on strike, but they also offer UPS shipping for your convenient.

For those of you who like to have more options in terms of designs with a modern and clean look, Artifact Uprising is a wonderful choice. It is located in USA, but they ship to Canada and your printed Christmas cards will be at your door in 4 to 6 days. As I mentioned you have many beautiful designs here to choose from. Again this is super easy; choose your template first, and then upload you family pictures. That is all!

Don’t forget to use their Black Friday discount code to get 20% off:   GIFTJOY


Did you know I offer in-home Christmas photo sessions this year? Click here to learn more about the details of the session.

Are you looking for more holiday gift options? How about to gift a photo session to your friend? Contact me for details.