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I was sitting in a cafe with my friend who is expecting and our conversation was all about baby, maternity and anything around that. At some point, we talked about photographers and our preferences over the types of photography. I told her about the beautiful birth story video that I watched the night before and at first she was a bit surprised.

“Birth Photography?!!” she asked surprisingly. “Do you mean the photographer comes at the time of delivery?” she asked.

“yes, because this is story of new life. It is all about those hours of expecting, excitement, and emotions” I stated.

Then she said” I am pretty sure that would be a good memory”.


If you are not familiar with birth photography, you may think you are not comfortable having a photographer because of private parts of your body. As a woman, I do completely agree with you, so why you need a professional photographer at the time of birth?

  1. The photographer usually comes to the location of birth ( hospital, home or birthing center), when the active birth starts. This is usually few hours before your baby’s arrival. She photographs all the emotions and feeling of you and your partner, and all the visitors inside or outside your room who are also excited and waiting; all the details and preparation until birth. This is a story of a new life so it has to be documented fully before your baby arrives. The story continues few hours after birth, when your little newborn is here, as these are the very sweet and memorable moments for you all.

  2. All of us know that some memories in our life are so unique that you can not even think about skipping them without being photographed. The first event is wedding and the second one is birth. The real story, raw emotions, the last hours of waiting until you see the human you gave life in your own body, and the time of baby’s arrival, these are just so beautiful that deserve to be documented for your family.

  3. You are so strong and you will prove this to yourself and your partner how unbelievable your strength is. On the other hand, the support that your partner gives you in this journey is so beautiful. This shows again that how your love is strong as a couple before your give birth to your child and expand your family.

  4. While you are in the process of giving birth, there are lots of details happening around you that you may not even notice at that time or can’t remember afterwards . Your parents might arrive to the hospital/birthing center, your older child is outside the room playing with the favorite toy…. There are lots of things that you may want to see afterward in the birth story.

  5. Although your visitor can take photos with their cell phone, there are some reasons you may not even want cell phone photos at the time of birth. If we don’t even discuss the quality of photos and the artistic view of your photographer, there is a strongest reason that you would like to have a birth photographer; and it is because you need the people who are present at that time to support you and focus on the process instead of taking pictures. One the other hand, the quality of cell phone images and the photos being taken by your photographer is not even comparable; the reason is a professional photographer only take Picture in Raw File and this gives the full opportunity for editing the images by the artistic view of your birth photographer, and this is a factor that cell phone photos does not have.

Birth is one the most beautiful events that happens in your family and your baby’s life, so it is worthy 1000 times to be documented beautifully, so you all can remember the beauty in chaos, and this raw and real story.

Mamma, I can’t wait to hear your why.

After 9 months of expecting and even more before getting pregnant, now you are having your baby soon. Just exactly like your wedding day, you don't want to miss documenting this milestone for your family.

Birth Story Model Call

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The Birth photography is the story of love, emotions and feelings. This is the story of your strength as a mom and as a couple. 

Although I am confident in lifestyle and documentary photo sessions: Newborn, Maternity, Fresh 48 and family photography, I would like to expand my portfolio on birth photography. To expand my portfolio and in exchange for allowing me to use the images from your birth as examples for future clients, I am offering a 40% discount of the regular investment ($800) on your birth story session. This promotion runs for a limited time, and I am looking for two clients. 

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