3 tips on how to prepare for your in-home lifestyle photo session | Toronto and North York lifestyle Photographer

To summarize our previous blog post about the definition of Lifestyle photography, these sessions are relaxed, non posed which can be captured at your home or on location. To learn more, click here.

In the past year, I had lots of clients who were hesitating about having the photo session done at their home. The fears of not having a good home design, enough light.. .Today, I am going to share some tips that helps you to prepare for your in-home lifestyle photo session so that you and your family all can enjoy your photo session.

1. Natural light is beautiful!

Light is an important factor in photography, and everyone even non photographers know it. As mentioned in the previous blog post, natural light is a go light for in-home lifestyle sessions. That is exactly why you session will be scheduled in a day time. Your photographer will take care of the technical part of it, but you can certainly help with identifying the rooms in your home with the best light. Do you have a big window or some small windows close to each other? Perfect! having said that, I have to say sometime beautiful moody images will create next to a tiny window, so just make sure to communicate with your photographer about all the natural light options you have, and help her manage the rest!


2. Home sweet home!

Your home is the place that you are relaxed and comfortable with your family, so it is perfect for the photo session as it is. Moreover, in my previous experince of working with little children learned me that the most comfortable place for them is at home.

 You have small kids and there is more likely you have clutter everywhere. That's ok! If you are planned to have a specific activity during the session, just organize the area that your photographer will work. for example: you are planned for a baking day with kids, so just tidy up your kitchen if needed! Are you planned for pillow fight? Then only the bedroom is the focus. There are times that no specific activity planned, then you can just be relax and move clutter to a corner to make a clutter free. You see, it is super easy!


3. Style from your closet

what should I wear? This is the questions of many of us. The goal is being relaxed and natural in your home set, so wear what you are comfortable with! If you usually wear maxi dresses, go for it. If you are comfortable in your short pants, then this is perfect for you. 

In terms of color, try to mix and match but not copy the exact same color for everyone in your family. Search the phrase "color palette" on Pinterest to get some ideas of how to mix colors.

Avoid any big logo or print; these cause distraction in your images. If you choose to wear pattern, only one member in the family can wear it and the rest wear a single color outfit. For example, plaid shirt for guys or floral dress for women can be a good choice. 

Ultimately, you can always ask your photographer to help you with your outfit choices.

I hope this will help you to lay back and enjoy your family time and your photo session.

Please do not hesitate to comment below if your have any questions or idea. I love to hear from you.