Why summer is a perfect season for family photography in Toronto? | Toronto Lifestyle Family Photographer | Bloomlight Photography

I know many many people around me who love fall and have their photo session done at that time every year. I also love fall and I think those maple trees in Toronto and GTA makes the city so beautifully painted. On the other hand, summer is also a great season for family photos in Toronto although it is as short as two months only; and here is why I think Toronto summers are the best season to have family photos done.

  1. Plenty of green land, Plenty of water:

    Toronto located in a golden spot geographically. There are plenty of parks and green areas in the city as well as lake Ontario. As I serve clients in greater Toronto area, the beaches from Oakville all the way to Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough and Oshawa, make it so easy to find a spot for family photo shoots.

  2. Some like it hot!

    Hot and warm days in summer allows everyone to wear nice outfits which will be so nice in photos and makes the pictures even more beautiful. Moms and little girls can wear maxi and colorful dresses; daddy and baby boys can wear shorts, so there is no reason to worry about layering. Don’t you like it?

  3. Live vibes in the city

    Choosing a location for a photo session is not just limited to beaches or parks, obviously. As a lifestyle photographer, city itself brings lots of opportunity in terms of choosing location for family photos. Just imagine, having your family pictures done while you are walking with your children and stopping at the local ice cream shop for some nice and cold treats. How wonderful it will be if you have a professional picture of your baby in joy. Yesss, this warm and sometimes humid season in Toronto is perfect for any lifestyle or documentary photo session, and hands down.

Below is the family photo session I had with a wonderful family at Toronto Scarborough Bluffs. We arranged the session for the late afternoon to get the better light.